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February 2013 - Chic Hair Room

Location 1

Chic Hair Room was born in February 2013 in a small but practical room in the front of Josie's house on Charles Street Toogoolawah. Josie had reached a point where her long term job in a Brisbane suburban salon had to come to an end, quiting three hours of travel each day came as a relief. The home salon successfully ran for twelve months when clientele growth soon outgrew the small room. Chic Hair Room was rapidly growing and was forced to think of a bigger alternative.

February 2014 - Chic Hair Room

Location 2

Josie was offered the oppertunity to relocate the small salon to a slightly larger premises down on the Brisbane Valley Highway, overwhelmed with the idea of expansion she took the offer. Chic Hair Room celebrated it's 1st birthday in the new location and had been inundated with more local support. Although the 2nd location were bigger in just four short months of operation the rapidly growing hair salon outgrew it's new slightly larger location.

July 2014 - Chic Hair Room

Location 3

Location, location, location! The main street of Toogoolawah had a great big old empty shop, sitting, doing absolutely nothing. This shop for many years had been a hair salon and than another hair salon, and even a tattoo parlour! It sat old, lonely and unloved for months. Upon recieving the keys Josie painted, washed, scrubbed and transformed this old filthy shop into a breath of fresh air. This was finally the home and heart of Chic Hair Room, the salon celebrated its 3rd birthday with a great big birthday party, 97 women visited the shop that day. It was safe to say that this little salon that was just a single, tiny room in Josie's house was now loved and owned by the community.

February 2018 - Chic Boutique & Hair

The home & heart of Chic Hair Room

Josie was so proud and absolutely satisfied with the accomplishment of Chic Hair Room turning five that she decided to celebrate the well established home with a new name and facelift. Chic was no longer a room but a salon, a studio, a gloriously large boutique in the heart of Toogoolawah township. Chic Boutique & Hair is now a locally owned and operated business supplying three jobs to locals. It is now the hair home to over six hundred clients and plans to be here for the next forty years and more.